is the Monday after Electric Castle

Join us in making it a day off!

Mondays are notoriously bad. But the Monday right after Electric Castle is the worst. People are either on the road or sleeping at their desks. Either way, nobody wins.

Let’s join forces and make #ElectricMonday a day off so we can celebrate the last day at Electric Castle without any worries and win awesome prizes!

Become an unofficial partner of Electric Castle

Be the coolest boss at the festival. Officially!

Give your employees the Monday after the festival off and become an Unofficial Partner of Electric Castle and an official partner of fun and rock&roll.

Raise the morale without giving a raise

Not to mention, people will love you, remember you, and keep a special place in their hearts for you.

Enroll in the program and your employees will get special discounts for Electric Castle tickets!


Plus, we’ll make sure people hear about your business and kind gesture.

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Party on Sunday. Relax on Monday!

Help us help you enjoy Electric Castle to the fullest. Tell your boss, your boss’s boss or your HR manager about becoming an Unofficial Partner of Electric Castle.

They’ll win an unofficial visibility package, popularity and also a tiny piece of your heart.


Plus, you and your co-workers will receive a special discount for Electric Castle tickets. And, of course, a DAY OFF!

As a matter of fact, send them a message right now, using the form below.

If you’re afraid to put pressure on them, choose to do it ANONYMOUSLY. And don’t forget to share this page with your workmates.

The more we are, the merrier!

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2016 Review

Did you get the Monday after
Electric Castle off last year?

Share your story

Let us know how it went and we’ll reward the most incredible stories with an EC goodie pack.

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